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I've been feverishly making beaded bracelets lately. Mostly just for fun, but I thought I'd post them here and there and see if anyone was interested in buying them so I can recoop my costs and buy more beads. :D

Note: Shipping cost is $3. It is not just postage! That fee includes a padded envelope and a trip to the post office. Combine multiple items and pay only one shipping fee.

All prices are figured based on how long it took me to come up with the pattern/stringing and mainly the cost of the beads...they range from fancy ones bought online or in bead stores to cheap Walmart beads.

I like stretchy bracelets, so that's about all I make. It's the only kind of bracelet I seem to have the time to put on when I'm heading out the door. These are all made with a strong plastic stretchy string that is pretty darn durable.

1. Silver Snowfall $7

2. Sweet Blue Eyes $7

3. Opal StarFlake $9

4. She Sells Seashells $6

5. Neat n Neutral $5

6. Pearly Downtown Brown $10

7. Randomly Leafing $4

8. Safari Party $5

9. Twinkle Twinkle Blues $6

10. Tarzan Vine $6

11. Purple World $8

12. Orange You Purdy $8

13. Springy Beadies $6

14. Lovely Leaves $9

15. Red n Funky $5

Also for sale are these fun pony bead bracelets....

These 8 are $2 each + shipping!

My paypal is fruitbatATgmail (it's listed in my lj profile as well). Lemme know if you haff any questions or just think my work is purdy. I sure haff fun doin it! :)
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